Guide to STNA Classes Online

STNA Classes OnlineIf you are interested in getting in to a healthcare career fast, then STNA classes online may be for you. Right now there is a great demand for state tested nursing assistants (STNA).

In fact, (BLS) The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics  has projected 21% more jobs over the next decade. The time could not be better to become a STNA and online programs can make that happen fast!

By enrolling and taking STNA classes online, you will gain the expertise and experience to get in to one of the fastest growing starter healthcare careers available. will provide all the resources for you!

Where Can I Locate Online STNA Classes?

Using our online program finder you can see the latest online STNA schools available in your state and nationally. Vocational schools and some community colleges will also have online portions to their programs available to you too. Always ask about them because they benefit you in so many ways. Below are some Online STNA programs near you!

The Advantages of Online Training

Why should you take STNA classes online? With roughly 7 million students taking classes online today, there has been a major improvement in the quality of the online training. Programs like STNA classes online are flourishing in this new era of online education. Here are a few of the advantages offered by online training.

Ultimate Flexibility

Unlike traditional classes, online courses allow for you to have time for your life. Online classes are great for night owls, morning people, parents and anyone who just wants more free time to live their life. Not everybody can be a full time student.

Ultimate Convenience

Not much different than the flexibility factor, the convenience is unparalleled. If you need to be able to study at times when it works for you, than an online course is just for you!

Life Balance

Balancing life, work and education sounds hard, and it is. But it does not have to be over the top hard. Online education will help you balance your free time against work and school. Everyone is different and online STNA classes will mold in to your life not make you mold in to it.

Control the Pace of Your Education

Knowing that not everybody is the the same in school. Some are smarter, some work harder some just need an extra session or teo to get it. Whatever you need, the online program can give it to you. Control when you test and finish your work. Your pace, you control it. Every online program is different so please contact your prospective school for more details.


Online courses are cheaper. Period. Lower overhead for the schools lowers the cost for you. Always a good thing!!

What to Look for in Programs

Making sure the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education or (CCNE) or the state board of nursing from your state has accredited your STNA online course is essential. The accreditation is imperative for further educational advances, like transferring schools to become a nurse or other position. Plus, getting certified requires accredited training to do so.
STNA Programs Online

What is Covered in Online STNA Classes?

The subjects covered in an online STNA class versus a traditional STNA class are identical. The main difference is that the classroom portions  of the training can be done online or in a classroom. But the clinical portion must be done in person. It is a hands-on career and no training can be done without it.

Are There Requirements for Online Training?

There may not be many but they are requirements, so be aware of them:

  • Be of legal working age
  • HS Diploma or GED
  • Pass background check
  • Immunization Records
  • In some cases placement test or needed

Resources for Aspiring Online STNA Program Students

We have covered why take them, how to go about it and where to find them. Now we offer you some other resources for becoming a State Tested Nursing Assistant.
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