Guide to STNA Certification

State Tested Nursing Assistant CertificationIf you want to work as a state tested nursing assistant in the state of Ohio, you will be required to earn your STNA certification. The steps in getting certified as a (STNA) state tested nursing assistant are pretty simple and straight forward. In this article, we cover every step so that you can get your state tested nursing assistant certification in a streamlined easy method.

6 Steps to STNA Certification

Becoming a STNA is a great career choice for many reasons. As a nurse aide/assistant you would be in one of the fastest growing healthcare fields in the country. Below are the six necessary steps towards STNA certification:

Step #1 - Enroll in an Accredited Program

The first step involved is to find a program and enroll. STNA certification classes can be found at vocational schools, community colleges, the Red Cross and in an online program. The online STNA classes are actually combo courses with the educational classroom portion done online and the clinical portion done in a traditional environment. Making sure your school is accredited is imperative to your education and employment experience. The state board of nursing in Ohio oversees the curriculum and accreditation for STNA licensing and accreditation. The (CCNE) Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education is also a nationally recognized accrediting body.

Step #2 - Complete Training and Understand the Job Description

After completing your STNA training you will be expected to understand what the job will entail and how to perform the basic functions of the job.

STNA programs are a combination of classroom and hands-on clinical training. This will get you on track and up to speed for the certification exam.

Step #3 - Complete Required Hours of Practical and Clinical Training

In the state of Ohio per the state board of nursing you are required to complete 75 total hours of training.

That 75 hours is broken in to 16 hours of pre-resident contact and 59 hours of resident contact and class instruction. For more information see guidelines here.

Step #4 - Fill out Certification Application and Submit for Testing

Filling out the application and signing up for the STNA certification exam is the next step. Attain proof from your instructor that you have completed the accredited training and sign up for the test.

Also make sure you check the dates of testing early in the process to set goals for yourself and to be aware of any test time or availability limitations that may be there.

Step #5 - Study for the STNA Certification Examination

There are wonderful nursing assistant practice tests out there online. The certification exam is not overly difficult if you are prepared.

If you are not ready, you will not pass it though. It is your time and money, so take it seriously and go for it!

Step #6 - Take the STNA Certification Test and Pass it!

Finally take the test and successfully pass it! There are two parts to the STNA certification exam.

They are a written and skills portion. Pass both and you are on your way!

What to do After Earning Your Certification

After you have passed your test for your STNA certification, getting listed on the Ohio Nurse’s Aide Registry is the final step. This will make your job hunt easier and hopefully faster too! Here is the Ohio nursing aide registry website.

Maintaining your STNA Certification

Keeping your certification valid is another part of the job as a State Tested Nursing Assistant. Be sure to check with the Ohio state board for all the necessary requirements you face to keep your STNA certification valid.

Good Luck and Start Today!

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